Highly Effective Promotional Products

Traits Common in Highly Effective Promotional Products

What truly makes a promotional product effective? With the endless types and varieties of these products today, it is worth noting that not every product meant for promotion leaves the desired impact and promotes the brand. Statistics show that promotional products are one of the most efficient forms of advertising, delivering greater impressions per cost unit spent. The brand’s overall impression is significantly improved too, and it is more identifiable with the target audience.

However, the key to delivering an impactful product for promotion is connecting with the consumer. Just placing a logo on a product and handing it out for free will not cut it. The best promotional products are those that offer relevance and value to their recipients. These products will have two or more of the following characteristics:

1. High-quality
A free product does not give you the freedom to compromise on its quality. Sub-standard products will reflect poorly on your brand image effectively doing more harm to your company than good. Additionally, a low-quality product will find itself discarded more quickly, reducing the number of impressions. Promotional Products http://promotionalproducts100.com.au

2. Desirability
Effective promotional products will be desirable. To achieve this, products will meet a particular need, important to the members of the target audience. Consequently, a brand manager should always consider the target audience, the event type, and venue of the promotion to gain insights on the target consumers. Doing this helps identify the consumer’s mindset and their specific needs at a particular time.

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3. Sentimentality
Promotional products are very efficient when they target a certain memory or passion the consumer associates with fondly. The effect of this is the creation of valuable connections between the brand and recipients of a promotional product. Such relationships result in the recipient constantly having something to remember the brand by.

4. A good Design
The attractiveness of a product will ensure the recipient keeps it for longer and also feels proud while using it. Apparel items are especially subject to this condition, and the more attractive the design is, the greater the appeal of the promotional product. For this reason, adequate care should always be given while designing promotional products, including apparel so as to acquire superior results.

5. Utility
Promotional products that offer immediate value stay longest with the target audience. Practical items such as stationery, kitchen accessories, calendars and technology products are just some of the popular choices that consumers find immediately useful. Thus, a product that offers utility to its recipients will have more staying power and consequently, significantly increase the brand’s exposure.

A product that meets all the above traits would be better placed to effectively market and build on a particular brand. However, brand managers and marketing executives have a role to play. When the execution is correctly done, and real connections between a recipient and the brand are sparked, the brand strength grows exponentially.

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